A native of sunny, Southern California, Jeff graduated from Servite High School, a renowned Catholic, college preparatory institution, located in the heart of Orange County. Jeff spent his youth observing commercial goods, unwittingly developing an understanding for the difference of “good” versus “bad” design in regard to user-interaction and functionality.

He began his undergraduate studies from Design Intelligence’s “Number 1 School of Design in the South”—Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). While developing his design foundation, Jeff placed an emphasis in prototype fabrication, working to understand ergonomics, ethnographics, as well as designing for manufacturing and assembly. In June of 2014, Jeff attained his Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Industrial Design.

Through the course of his collegiate career, Jeff work in the service industry, honing his networking and salesmanship skills, while gaining managerial experience. He began working for the AAA 4-Diamond rated Avenue of the Arts Hotel as a bellman in 2011, rising to the position of Guest Relations Manager three and a half years later.

In the fall of 2014, Jeff began his design career when he began working in the Interior Engineering department at the Southern California based, Karma Automotive. Today, Jeff resides in Dallas, Texas, working as an integral leader in the product development department at Point Innovation.

Personal Note

My objective, at work and in life, is to push myself onward and upward. If one is not moving forward, everything will pass them by. So every day, I make a concerted effort to learn at least one new article of information, whether pertaining to my occupation or extra curricular interests, or just factoids that I can add to Jeff's Book of Random and Entertaining Information.

So what grabs my attention? Well, find me on any given day, and there's a few key ritualistic activities.

First and formost, athletic activity is my cornerstone. It's what keeps my mind clear and my stress levels low. Time in the gym is when I can either put work aside and quiet my mind, and it's where my epiphany moment's occur.

You'll find me window shopping. Whether on the interwebs, or walking through stores, I make it a point to observe current trends in materials, design language, innovative manufacturing techniques, as well as emerging markets.

And you can bet that I'll catch up on any-and-all things pertaining to Angels Baseball. Whether it's the highlights and recaps from the game I watched the day before, or news on prospects, injuries, and transactions throughout the year....I'll know what's going on.

Other than those, I love to travel. Roadtrips, camping, and being outside are essential to my mental tranquility. I grew up behind the dish (aka home plate on a baseball diamond), wake boarding at Temple Bar, Arizona (Lake Mead), snowboarding up and down the Sierra Nevada and San Bernardino Mountains in California, getting off the grid in the wilderness with friends and family.